What we do


Crest Digital supports companies that need a useful boost for their business development. In particular, the development of digital projects that add value and real value is at the heart of our work.


The beginning

Think further, come further

We were there when the Internet became the Worldwide Web in Germany, as beta testers for AOL, as construction site workers for the data highway, as employees of the new media and learned to love, hate and work with the network of networks. We founded the first digital agencies, witnessed IPOs, survived the bursting of the bubble, and since then have continued to accompany and develop the digital evolution.



Comprehensive understanding of tasks

Every task is new, every task is different. With the experience from an infinite number of successfully completed projects, we have developed a comprehensive and highly specialized understanding of the requirements of our customers in the areas of digital commerce and digital communication. We identify options for action and their implementation in strategic and operational measures that lead to success.



Hunting in the pack

According to the different requirements of our customers, we put together task forces and swear them by the optimal achievement of objectives. From the highly specialized Java developer to the powerful software company with a huge heterogeneous team, Crest Digital relies on the transparent selection of the team that works best for its customers. The independence from agencies, manufacturers, service providers or consulting companies is our big advantage.



Target group efficiency

Basically, our customers are all those who can decide which way their company wants to go in the future - from the IT executive board to the company founders, the management to the head of the family. By choosing Crest Digital, we also understand the customers of our clients as our customers and thus work in the interest of your target groups - from your partners to your employees to your end customers. After all, success is only really optimal if it is possible to achieve the right added value for all parties involved.



Hamburg, Berlin, Mannheim, Barcelona, Wuppertal, Zurich, Heeslingen, Vienna ...

If the mountain does not come to the Prophet... You know the saying. We have supervised projects in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries. Crest Digital works location-independently and defines its working metropolises quite simply according to requirements. Whether at your location, at your development site or wherever you want to go. Only one thing is important: we work where we achieve the best results for our customers.



Transformation as a basis

Every new idea always means change. And every change always means further development. Crest Digital supports companies in particular that face challenges in developing new processes, new business models and opening up new markets. We love new ideas and look forward to turning them into reality.


We advise companies that want to sustainably improve their trading processes or communication. We develop and implement successful concepts for them.

  • Identification of new business areas as an expansion of the existing business
  • Development of options for action in the event of market changes
  • Transfer of business models
  • Transfer of know-how


We offer the entire spectrum of digital project development. From identifying options for action to implementation in strategic and operational measures.

  • Identification of solutions to problems
  • Carrying out feasibility and implementation tests
  • Concept development
  • Service provider selection and trade control


Together with highly specialized partners, we also implement our solutions technologically. From system design and software architecture to results monitoring during operation.

  • Software evaluation
  • System design
  • Software architecture
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Implementation support
  • Benchmarking, Tracking
  • Accompanying control of results

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